Tribal Services



  •  The Enrollment office works with individuals who are currently enrolled and those that are eligible for enrollment with the Pueblo.  They maintain the current Pueblo Census records, issues Tribal ID cards, Name Change/Change of Address, Relinquishment, and Certificate of Indian Blood. The Pueblo de San Ildefonso is accepting applications for enrollment all year long. You must have 1/4 quantum Indian blood AND have a parent enrolled. Attached are the documents you must submit: Enrollment Packet
  • Please contact the Enrollment Clerk, Jasmin Gonzales, at (505)455-4100 or at for more information. 



  • The Facilities Department assist with maintenance of all Tribal Administrative Buildings in San Ildefonso Pueblo. The department also works to ensure the safety of our water supply as well as the proper disposal of solid wastes.


Tax Assessor

  • The Tribal Services Department assesses the Pueblo’s Ad Valorem taxes.