Tunyo Pin (Seniors)

Re-Opening of Senior Center Oct 3, 2022

11:00 am with special meal starting at 11:30 am. Door Prizes!

Senior Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 8, 2022, at 10:30 am

-Meeting called to Order at 10:40 am

-Present: In person: Eva Moquino, Marie Kailahi, Jeanne Gonzales, Renee Roybal

                Via zoom: 12 participants

-Opening Invocation: Renee Roybal

-Notes of last meeting were read/reviewed (July 20, 2022) – no changes. Motion made to approve Marie K, seconded by Gail Tse-Pe. Minutes approved.

-Presenters: No presentations

-Introductions of Newly elected officers were announced for year 2022/2023. Discussed meeting time to be limited to 1 hour plus 15 minutes over. No more zoom meetings to be held. “In person only” at Tunyo Pin Senior Building starting September 21, 2022, at 10:30 am.

-Discussion on plaques in Memory of the late Laura Escalanti. Plaques were delivered to daughter Summer Martinez.  These plaques will be placed at various building accordingly. Talk on a dedication ceremony to officially hand over and state where they will be placed to be discussed in future. Renee will check into further.

-Memo was read to all present from Governor Moquino on Tunyo Pin building usage/activities and lunch eating count. Governor Moquino was present and expressed his feedback from this memo and what needs to be seen for impact of the Senior program to continue forth. Discussion and concerns were addressed accordingly.

-Grand Opening of serving meals again at Senior Bldg. to begin on October 3, 2022. Discussion with TA John Gonzales on having special meal with giveaways. Welcoming back to Seniors that lunches will be served at Tunyo Pin Senior Bldg.

-Idea of having candidates come forth to Seniors at a meeting/forum on questions/concerns to be brought forth by San I seniors to candidates for election

-forthcoming from Governor of protocols of rules/regulations to re-opening of Senior Bldg. with regarding safety issues of Covid.

-There will be a String Quartet to preform for Seniors/Community from the Santa Fe Symphony at our next meeting to be held at Tunyo Pin Senior Bldg. Please come and enjoy some music and bring your family.  Also, an invite will be sent out to the Governor, Council, and staff.

-Senior meeting to follow performance.

-Chair would like to apologize to the online zoom seniors who were present, she did not have full visual of all that were present on zoom and did not see when your hands were raised to be called on to talk. She was new and not so knowledgeable at hosting meetings via zoom and did not see you all. Lesson learned.

-mail any issues/concerns/ideas/comments for next Agenda. All is welcome to hear you out.

Chairwomen Renee Roybal, email is: Roybalnet1@gmail.com

-Next Tunyo Pin Senior Meeting will be September 21, 2022, at Senior Bldg

-Closing benediction by Eva Moquino

-Meeting ended at 11:40

Agenda for Senior Meeting Wednesday Sept 21, 2022 at 10:30 am

Call Meeting to Order

Invocation by Invite

Notes of last meeting –September 8, 2022

Follow-up/discussion on plaques for Laura Escalanti
Follow-up/discussion on Grand Opening for meal/etc on October 3, 2022
Collaboration with Health and Wellness. Perhaps separate meeting on what Seniors want specifically from ENIPC as far as activities. Troy from Health & Wellness on interest from Senior Citizens.
 Presentation of SF Symphony at Senior Center
 Notification of meeting on Aging to be held via zoom – Hummingbird Flower

Topics to talk on with Seniors:

-Transportation? To and from meetings. To and from meals.

-50 years plus to belong to Tunyo Senior Program. 60 plus for activities. Re-visit on subject.

-Outings to be discussed for October or November

-Updating Senior By-laws

Benediction by invite

Below is information on the Webinar on Covid