Education Overview

Rick Juliani
505-321-9694 (cell)

Education Manager:
Bernice Martinez
505-660-0149 (cell)

Aaliyah Gonzales

The Mission of the Department of Education is to assist the community by providing learning experiences for all members aligned with tradition, culture and language.

The Scope of Work includes programs that are funded through tribal appropriation supplemented by grants.

We provide Tewa instruction to youth in Head Start, the SI Day School, and as part of our Summer Youth program. Adult Tewa workshops are provided in the evenings several times a year.

The After School program provides homework and/or tutoring, storytelling, reading time as well as recreational and traditional activities. This program serves about 25 children a day, 4 days a week; the Summer Youth program offers language workshops, traditional activities, sports and site visits; it serves some 60 youth a day, 4 days a week.

Early Childhood Education program services infants and toddlers with special needs, and their parents. We network with the public schools to ensure that all students are on track in their respective grade. If not we provide additional support to those students via tutoring and/or work study.

The computer lab links with local high schools so individuals can complete course work and degree status;  internet capability provides access to post-secondary certification and degrees for all community members.

The Department manages the Tribal Scholarship Fund, has a Developing Tribal Library certification and a large selection of books, DVDs, videos and magazines.

The Department also seeks to provide intergenerational project learning activities for youth and adults where participants can receive skills training, livable wages, employment stability within the Pueblo by expanding Pueblo resources of land, water and people while preserving traditions, language and cultural practices.