Hours of Operation:

Center hours:  9am-4pm (Mon-Sun)
Museum:  9am-4pm (Mon-Fri)


Denise Moquino, Manager 
Ofc Phone: (505) 455-4151 
Cell Phone:  (505) 692-5580

Harold Torres, Assistant 
(505) 455-4151


Mission Statement:

To promote our Pueblo in its proud heritage and way of life by providing information on its tribal government, traditions and culture and as a resource to the Community.


Services Offered:

Provides information on the Pueblo’s tribal government, protocol, culture and traditions

Yearly calendar of events, feast days and traditional dances; ENIPC Guide

Provides information on the Maria Poveka Martinez Museum, located in the Administration building

Provides a map on the Kivas, church, Admin bldg, sports fields, fishing lake and local Artisan shops

Provides a showcase of individual artists’ work at the center at a 10% commission

The Center also has San Ildefonso logo merchandise for purchase

Facility Information:


Provides to the Community a place to hold various community and school activities, such as, community meetings, trainings, demonstrations, fundraisers for schools, clubs and individual families, receptions and parties.

Individuals must schedule with the Tourism Manager dates and times for use.  This is on a first come first serve basis.  For individual use, a deposit of $225 is required and a walk-thru and checklist is to be completed before the event.  A portion of the deposit is returned if the facility is cleaned and no problems are found.  The Visitor Center staff also requests that the facility and outside area be left in a neat and orderly manner; this is because the Center is the first point of contact for the visitors and public to San Ildefonso Pueblo.  We are proud of our Visitor and Tewa Center and want the Community to benefit from its’ use for many years to come.

THE MANHATTAN PROJECT –  National Historical Park

Opportunities Available

Call for Art: Art in Public Spaces Board in Los Alamos, New Mexico

The Art in Public Places Board (APPB) is soliciting for a fun and enjoyable art creation to transform a 500+ square foot, concrete wall that faces North at the entrance to the Los Alamos Golf Course. This project aims to beautify the space, foster community engagement, and celebrate creativity.

Los Alamos County Flyer

Call for Art Flyer