Information Technology


A current and well-managed technology infrastructure is the cornerstone of modern organizational success. The goals of Information Technology at San Ildefonso Pueblo relate to and complement the Tribal mission and business goals of the Pueblo. It follows that the mission of this office is:

  • To provide service of outstanding quality to our customers as measured by their standards. 
  • To provide services that assists in and complements San Ildefonso Tribal Government.    
  • To provide an information technology infrastructure that contributes to the competitive position of San Ildefonso Pueblo.  
  • To stay current with technology in order to play a productive role in the provision of new products and services. 
  • To function as San Ildefonso Tribal Government resource to provide information technology services with the achievement of operational efficiency through effective use of our services.  
  • To provide the opportunity for our employees to achieve satisfaction from their jobs by virtue of the work itself and to provide the training and experience needed for them to realize their full potential. 
  • To actively contribute to the well being of the Pueblo that we serve. 

Scope of Work

The Information Technology primary goal and function is to provide San Ildefonso Tribal Government with excellent, universal network and communication access to all employees in support of Pueblo objectives. This will include state-of-the-art secure and standardized connectivity to the Pueblo network and the Internet.

The Information Technology Office will maximize productivity for employees providing the necessary infrastructure and administrative support, including software and hardware, sound administrative systems and instructional capabilities.

The Information Technology Office will systematically keep hardware and software current in a way that will allow employees to do their work effectively and efficiently.  As part of this, IT Office will manage its acquisition of software and site licenses in a way that will maximize the benefit to the Pueblo Tribal Government.