DECP Administration

Responsibilities of the DECP Administration

  • Grant management—submit workplans, budgets, forms, narrative reports 
  • Financial management – “cuff accounts” Track all expenditures
  • Reconcile with Accounting every month
  • Maintain filing system
  • Technical library
  • Document database
  • Google Calendar
  • DECP 1 and 5 Year Plans
  • Interface with Pueblo administration, follow all procedures and rules
  • Interface with outside agencies/stakeholders
  • Supervise and support staff, ensure deliverables are met each year 
  • Plan for future projects and needs


Administrative Management

DECP Newsletter

  • Summarizes DECP accomplishments
  • Educational articles 
  • Distributed quarterly to the community 


Grant Budgets

Keep Records of all Grant Budgets

  • EPA (GAP, 106 WQ) 


Coordinate with the Tribal Accounting Department

  • Expenditure reports
  • Vendor checks
  • Expense validation
  • Annual budget approval

Funding Sources

Department of Energy (DOE) which owns Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Cooperative Agreement and Accord—the Los Alamos Pueblos Project (LAPP)

Pueblo de San Ildefonso

Jemez Pueblo

Santa Clara Pueblo

Cochiti Pueblo

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) emergency preparedness grant

NRDA project participation stipend

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

General Assistance Program (GAP) grant

106 Water Quality Program Grant

All awards/grants must be applied for each year, and continued funding is never guaranteed